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Release: Pronghorn - prairie sandreed

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Release NamePronghorn
Release Typecultivar
SourceFive collections, one each from Rock, Greeley, Howard and Boone Counties in Nebraska and Republic County, Kansas.
Breeding MethodForty-eight field collections of prairie sandreed from NE, KS, and SD were evaluated at the SCS Plant Materials Center at Manhattan, KS. Four of the accessions had superior stands, vigor, and disease resistance and were sent to the ARS grass breeding program at Lincoln, NE. Space-planted evaluation nurseries of these accessions and an ARS accession were established at Lincoln. Plants with superior culm number, leafiness, spread by rhizomes, and rust tolerance were selected for polycrossing from the Boone (48), Greeley (16), and Howard (72) populations. Clonal pieces of each selected plant (numbers in parentheses) were transplanted at random into three different isolations or crossing blocks and were allowed to cross via wind pollination. There were six different crossing blocks: Howard x Boone, Howard x Greeley, Howard x Howard, Greeley x Boone, Greeley x Greeley, and Boone x Boone. Progeny from Boone plants in each of the isolations were established in a space-planted unreplicated progeny row evaluation nursery. The same procedure was followed for the Greeley and Howard populations. These nurseries contained from 1,000 to 3,000 plants which were evaluated for vigor, forage production, and rust resistance. Individual plants - Boone (180), Greeley (147), and Howard (180) - were selected from these nurseries and moved to separate, isolated crossing blocks. Seed was harvested from these isolations on a bulk basis. One thousand seedlings were grown from each of these bulk seed lots and were transplanted at random into rows to establish the breeder seed field in 1980.
Intended UseRange and pasture plantings
Release Info1988 - Cooperatively by ARS, SCS, and the Nebraska AES.


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