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Release: Secar - Snake River wheatgrass

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Release NameSecar
Release Typecultivar
Description'Secar' is a cultivar of Snake River wheatgrass (Elymus wawawaiensis) originally mistakenly identified as bluebunch wheatgrass prior to the original description of Snake River wheatgrass. It is one of the most drought-tolerant native perennial grasses presently available and can survive down to 8 inches rainfall. It is a bunchgrass with fair to good seedling vigor and establishes well under droughty conditions. A low-elevation, dryland ecotype. A densely tufted bunchgrass with abundant, narrow leaves, numerous fine stems, small seeds, and divergent awns; early maturing. Slower to establish and less productive than larger types but more drought tolerant and persistent under adverse conditions. Adapted alone or with an understory grass at low elevations in the 200-300 mm precipitation zones of the Pacific northwest.
SourceA native plant collection on the Lewiston Grade in the Snake River gorge, near Lewiston, ID, on July 5, 1938.
Breeding MethodFirst observed as outstanding accession, P-6409, in observational tests among more than 500 beardless and bluebunch wheatgrass collections, representing six ecotypes from the Pacific northwest. Developed by mass selection from spaced plantings.
Intended UseRangeland seedings, critical area stabilization, reestablishment of a native plant community, and mine spoil reclamation.
Release Info1980, cooperatively by the Washington Agricultural Research Center, the Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Stations, and the Plant Materials Center, SCS, Pullman, WA.
Information SourcesGRIN; Fact Sheet; Grass Varieties in the US
Source StateID
Source CountyNez Perce
Source EcoregionColumbia Plateau


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