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Release: Trailhead - basin wildrye

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Release NameTrailhead
Release Typecultivar
DescriptionVigorous, disease-free, dark green, excellent early-spring forage production. Abundant broad, semi-lax, leaves. Good seedling vigor. Seed production fair. It is adapted to the Northern Great Plains and Intermountain Regions of the Western United States where precipitation averages 8 inches or above (tested in MLRA's 32, 34, 44, and 58). It has survived in plantings with 5 inches annual rainfall. More drought tolerant than other cultivars of basin wildrye. Selected for its stand longevity and drought tolerance as compared to other basin wildrye accessions. It prefers deep clayey to loamy to sandy soils and tolerates weakly saline conditions. Can be used as a tall species for improving wildlife habitat; tested on elk feeding grounds and for upland game bird nesting cover.
SourceCollected near Roundup, MT, on a sub-irrigated range site by Sterle Dale in 1960. The collection site is silty with an elevation of 1100 meters (3600') and receives 250-355 mm (10-14") of annual precipitation.
Breeding MethodDirect increase of field collection. Selected from among 125 accessions representing native collections in Montana and Wyoming.
Intended UseEarly spring and winter grazing in dryland or sub-irrigated conditions. Adapted for use in native mixtures for reclamation of drastically disturbed areas. Has potential use in grass row barriers.
Release Info1991, cooperatively by Plant Materials Center, SCS, Bridger, ID, and Montana and Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Stations.
Information SourcesGRIN; Plant Guide; Grass Varieties in the US; S.D. Cash et al. 1998. Trailhead Basin Wildrye. Crop Sci 38(1):278; Notice of Release, 1991.
Source StateMT
Source CountyMusselshell
Source EcoregionNorthwestern Great Plains


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