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Release: Sherman -

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Release NameSherman
Release Typecultivar
DescriptionLeafy, long-lived, perennial bunchgrass with long, flat leaves and broad, flat ligules. Panicles erect with abundant seed. Seeds shatter easily. Productive, early maturing, tall, erect growing, fine stemmed. Distinct blue, moderately abundant leaves; large, compact seedhead. Plants apomictic (2n=63). Starts growth very early in spring and its palatable forage is ready for grazing four weeks earlier than crested wheatgrass. Competes successfully with winter annual weeds and will crowd out cheatgrass when properly managed. Adapted to native range of big bluegrass in the Pacific Northwest and Great Basin States on well-drained soil, elevations 91-2400 m (300-8000 ft), and 25-50 cm (10-20 in.) average annual rainfall.
SourceCollected from native vegetation near Moro, Sherman County, OR, by D.E. Stephens, superintendent of Sherman Branch Experiment Station, Moro, in 1932. Re-collected by SCS in 1935.
Breeding MethodComparisons among 178 accessions. Selected accession subjected to several generations of mass selection. Tested as P-2716.
Intended UseRange reseeding for early spring grazing and hay. Adapted to conservation use in dryland areas in wheat-fallow farmland on light-textured soils. Successfully used reseeding burned forest lands in pine zones of the western states.
Release Info1945, cooperatively by Washington, Idaho, and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations at Pullman, Moscow, and Corvallis, respectively, and the Plant Materials Center, SCS, Pullman, WA.
Information SourcesGRIN; Grass Varieties in the US; J.L. Schwendiman. 1972. Crop Sci 12(1):125. Comment: CV-6.
Source StateOR
Source CountySherman
Source EcoregionColumbia Plateau


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