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Release: Whitmar - beardless wheatgrass

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Release NameWhitmar
Release Typecultivar
DescriptionLong-lived, native, perennial, drought resistant bunchgrass (2n=14). Intermediate type, with moderately abundant, erect to semi-erect, medium-coarse stems. Leaves abundant, soft, lax, flat basal, and cauline. Seeds awnless, but short-awned seeds occur occasionally. Seedling vigor good. Seed and forage production high. Good spring and fall recovery and retains feed value and palatability late into summer. Selected for forage quality, seedling vigor, and good seed production and is intended for use on rangeland for re-establishment of native plant communities and for reclamation. Performs best above 12 inches rainfall in high winter-low summer precipitation areas.
SourceCollected from native Palouse prairie grassland climax near Colton, Whitman County, WA, by L.A. Mullen in area of 500 mm of annual precipitation and elevation of 855 m on palouse silt-loam soil.
Breeding MethodFirst observed as outstanding accession, P-3537, in observational tests among more than 500 beardless and bluebunch wheatgrass collections, which represented six ecotypes, from Pacific northwest. Developed by selection from space-planted nursery.
Intended UseSeeding marginal wheat lands, reclaiming abandoned dry farm lands and range reseeding; as pasture grass it is highly palatable although it will not stand repeated early grazing.
Release Info1946, by Washington, Idaho, and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations at Pullman, Moscow, and Corvallis, respectively, and SCS, Plant Materials Centers, Aberdeen, ID, and Pullman, WA.
Information SourcesGRIN; Plant Guide; Grass Varieties in the US; 1958. Agron J 50(11):686.
Source StateWA
Source CountyWhitman
Source EcoregionColumbia Plateau


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