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Release: Reliable - Sandberg bluegrass

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Release NameReliable
Release Typeselected
DescriptionSandberg bluegrass is an important understory grass in the bluebunch wheatgrass-sagebrush ecological sites of the Intermountain and Northwest regions of the USA. It is a medium-lived, perennial bunchgrass valuable for soil erosion control, spring livestock and wildlife grazing, and biodiversity. It resists trampling and is often one of the first species to reestablish on sites disturbed by fire, large equipment and vehicles, and animals.
SourceThree hundred fourteen Sandberg bluegrass plants were collected as live plants on 25-26 Aug. 1998 from 28 locations representing seven different ecological sites, as classified by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, at the U.S. Army Yakima Training Center (YTC) at Yakima, WA.
Breeding MethodReliable is a multi-origin natural-track selected-class germplasm generated by compositing seed from plants originating from 28 locations, with each location potentially containing unique co-adapted gene complexes. The 314 plants (G0 generation) were potted, maintained in the greenhouse during the winter of 1998, and transplanted in the spring of 1999 to a field near Logan, UT. Seed from the original 314 plants was harvested and composited, in equal amounts per collection location, to form the G1 generation.
Intended UseReliable's intended use is for rehabilitation and restoration of western rangelands. It may be particularly useful as a pioneer plant species on severely disturbed sites, such as military training sites and after wildfires.
Release InfoUSDA-ARS and the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station
Information Sourcesdoi: 10.2135/cropsci2005.06-0119 Vol. 46 No. 1, p. 487-488
Source StateWA
Source CountyYakima
Source EcoregionColumbia Plateau


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