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tufted hairgrass - Deschampsia caespitosa

Common Nametufted hairgrass
Scientific Name with AuthorDeschampsia caespitosa (L.) Beauv.
Growth HabitGraminoid
U.S. NativityNative to U.S.
Seed/lb. 1,308,333

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For SaleSource State - CountySource EcoregionRelease NameCertificationQuantity
NortranaskaskRainier Seeds, Inc
NortranaskaskStevenson Intermountain Seed,Inc.
ask$4/pktToadshade Wildflower Farm
ask$10/lbBenson Farms Inc
ask$10/lbBenson Farms Inc
CAaskaskS&S Seeds
CAaskaskStover Seed Company
CA - LakeaskaskHedgerow Farms
COaskaskEdge of the Rockies
ORWillamette ValleyWillamette GermplasmaskaskPacific Northwest Natives
ORask$17/lbE & S Environmental Restoration
ORaskaskBailey Seed Co., Inc.
ORWillamette ValleyaskaskOregon Wholesale Seed Company
ORWillamette ValleyaskaskPacific Northwest Natives
ORaskaskSunmark Seeds International, Inc.
OR - LaneWillamette ValleyaskaskPacific Northwest Natives
OR - LinnWillamette ValleyaskaskRiver Refuge Seed Co
OR - MalheurNorthern Basin and RangeaskaskUpstream Natives, AGSP
OR - PolkWillamette Valleyask$16/lbHeritage Seedlings Inc

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Peru Creek
Tillamook Germplasm
Willamette Germplasm

DECAM3Deschampsia caespitosa var. mackenzieana
DECAODeschampsia caespitosa ssp. orientalis
AICA6Aira caespitosa
DECAM2Deschampsia caespitosa var. maritima
DECAL2Deschampsia caespitosa var. littoralis
DECEADeschampsia cespitosa var. alpicola
DECEA3Deschampsia cespitosa var. arctica
DECEA4Deschampsia cespitosa var. abbei
DECEGDeschampsia cespitosa var. glauca
DECEG2Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. glauca
DECEG3Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. genuina
DECEIDeschampsia cespitosa var. intercotidalis
DECELDeschampsia cespitosa var. littoralis
DECEL2Deschampsia cespitosa var. longiflora
DECEMDeschampsia cespitosa var. maritima
DECEM2Deschampsia cespitosa var. mackenzieana
DECEODeschampsia cespitosa ssp. orientalis
DECEPDeschampsia cespitosa var. parviflora
DECALDeschampsia caespitosa var. longiflora
DECEP2Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. paramushirensis
DECEP3Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. parviflora
DEGL9Deschampsia glauca
DEMA3Deschampsia mackenzieana
DEPA11Deschampsia paramushirensis
DEPU3Deschampsia pumila
DESU2Deschampsia sukatschewii
AICEAira cespitosa
DECAA2Deschampsia caespitosa var. arctica
DECAA3Deschampsia caespitosa var. alpicola
DECAA4Deschampsia caespitosa var. abbei
DECAGDeschampsia caespitosa ssp. glauca
DECAG2Deschampsia caespitosa var. glauca
DECAG3Deschampsia caespitosa ssp. genuina
DECAP4Deschampsia caespitosa var. parviflora
DECAP3Deschampsia caespitosa ssp. parviflora
DECAP5Deschampsia caespitosa ssp. paramushirensis
DECEDeschampsia cespitosa
DECAI4Deschampsia caespitosa var. intercotidalis

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