The next Native Seed Conference is being planned for early 2021.  We are seeking sponsors for this effort, if you are interested please contact us.


The Native Seed Network is the force behind the National Native Seed Conference.  The conference is the largest event in the world focused on native seed.  It is a treasured gathering that connects research, industry, land management, and restoration professionals to share information, gain new perspectives, and build networks to increase the successful use of native seed on the landscape.

Since the first meeting in 2010, the conference is recognized as the leading forum for the latest research and activity in the following subjects:

  • Species selection and seed collection
  • Plant material evaluation and seed zone determination
  • Field establishment and cultural practices
  • Commercial native seed production
  • Storage and distribution solutions
  • Current methods for successful habitat restoration & rehabilitation
  • Ecoregional native plant materials programs
  • Economics and policies supporting restoration & rehabilitation

An overriding theme of the conference is practical information with direct implications for management.  It presents a unique opportunity to exchange information among groups confronting the same issues in different parts of the world.

The last conference was held in February 2017 in Washington, D.C.

We are actively planning the next meeting for early 2021.  We anticipate announcing a date and location in January 2020.

Go to the conference website to view the 2017 program, slides from presentations, and subscribe to news on the next one.